Introduction to Etch2o

Etch2o (Environmental Equipment Company Ltd) is a subsidiary of the SAF group of companies situated in AlKhobar , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Etch2o deals in all environmental solutions including water and wastewater treatment Equipments.

Etch2o is also an official licensee of EEC Global and draws its equity from the principal’s years of research and manufacturing.

Etch2o has been offering the finest biotechnology available in the region. Our biological package plants is suitable for both industrial and domestic wastewater treatment.
The organization has a captive audience including oil rigs, residential compounds, beverages and bottling plants, hospitals, remote locations and other industries.

Activities of Etch2o

Design, fabrication, erection and commissioning of package water and wastewater treatment plants.

Trading of water and wastewater Equipments — RO, BWRO, SWRO, UF, NF membranes, de-watering units, and odor control units etc.

Supplying biological wastewater treatment systems using MBBR, MBR, SBR, RBC technologies.

Supplying industrial and domestic containerized MBBR Bio-Plants.

Liquid/ Solid, oil and grease separation GEM/DAF systems dewatering and chemical dosing systems.

Operations and maintenance of domestic and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.


“As an environmental leader, Etch2o aims to provide sustainable and fiscally responsible water and wastewater treatment services to the communities it serves while maximizing the use of alternative and renewable resources, provide innovative and affordable solution and services through partnerships, stakeholders, customers and the community.”


” To become global leader in water & wastewater treatment industry by providing high quality products and services which exceed customer expectations.We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our people.”

Quality Policy

Etch2o is ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with certification scope in Project management, Maintenance and After Sales Services of water and waste Water Treatment Plants.

Etch2o is committed to comply with the requirement of client /customers and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. It must be clearly understood that this Quality Policy, Quality Manual and associated Operating Procedure and systems are mandatory on all staff.

The top management of Etch2o is fully committed to the Document Quality Management System in the principle of providing services of consistently high quality in safe manner to the complete satisfaction of its clients. The operation of the Quality System is subject to continuous review at the highest management level, to ensure that the established standards are maintained and improved wherever necessary.

Etch2o has introduced system that will set and review quality objectives. The Management actively encourages all personal commitment to Quality and to accept the responsibility for the achievement of the highest standards of workmanship, to enhance the reputation of the establishment. 

Division & Functions

Etch2o’s workforce comprises of skilled and professional engineers and managers who have strong background and expertise in the field of water and wastewater treatment industry.Coordination and support among each function make it possible to deliver best quality and services as per customer requriements.

Sales Department:
Etch2o’s sales department is run by team of highly tech savvy and qualified engineers specialized in waste water treatment plants whose mission is to introduce the clients with best solutions as per their requirements and to provide the best after sales service to gain the maximum customer satisfaction.

Projects/Operations Dept:
Run by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians specialized in waste water treatment plants whose mission is pursuing and overseeing all the processes of installation, commissioning while using latest measuring instruments and technical expertise.

Design Dept:
Whereby the first and essential step of sound and intact job is taken. Utilizing the latest standards of engineering programs the system designs and different uses are well studied and the necessary shop drawings are prepared and correlated.

Maintenance Dept:
It is concerned with periodical inspections, guided by a technical well-studied program, to ensure a trouble free performance for Waster Water Treatment Plants. It also concerned with sludge overhauling and any other preventive activities.

Affiliation & Partnerships


Etch2o is a subsidiary of SAF group located in Saudi Arabia.The SAF Group is one of the fastest growing service providers in Oil, Natural Gas, Energy and other related fields of service. It is based in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia and has rapidly grown, and became a respected active player in this highly competitive and service oriented industry. The rapid growth in the Middle East oil and natural gas as well as energy market has thrown open opportunities that were unimaginable a decade ago. SAF Group has placed itself at the forefront of this window of opportunity to open doors and also be at the crest of the wave of growth.


Etch2o is in partnership with Parkson Co for Middle-East Parkson Corporation is a supplier of innovative, cost effective solutions for potable Water, process water, and industrial and municipal waster water treatment.Parkson has sales offices in Chicago, Montreal, Dubai and partners in Latin America and India.The international sales team works with representative networks in Mexico, Central and South America, Japan and China.


Etch2o is sole licensee of EEC- Global –USA for Middle East region.EEC-Global is providing the best products related to waste water treatment since 1984.EEC-Global’s biological waste water treatment package plants are suitable for both industrial and domestic wastewater. EEC – Global is considered to be one of the pioneers in the fluidized fixed-film biological wastewater treatment process, also known as Moving Bed Bio Reactors – MBBR, or AMB. EEC offers production in the USA, Europe, Middle East, South America, India and Thailand.

Registrations & Memberships


Registered as supplier for Design, fabrication, erection and commissioning of package water and wastewater treatment plant. Vendor ID (10039518)


Registered as supplier for the water and wastewater treatment products. Vendor No (505554)


Etch2o is an active member of Water Environment Federation since year 2010. Membership ID (01026603)

Major Clients

Awards & Certificates

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate for scope of “Project management, Maintenance and After Sales Services of Waste Water Treatment Plants”


Performance Certificate from ORYX ENGINEERING CO – SAUDI ARABIA on achieving the required water effluent parameters by installation of water treatment plant in Eastern province (Saudi Arabia) with treating capacity of 2000 cubic meter per day.


Performance certificate from ARGAS – SAUDI ARABIA on achieving the required water effluent parameters by installation of waste water treatment plant in Safaniyah (Saudi Arabia) with treating capacity of 150 cubic meter per day.