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Etch2o help businesses save up to 79%  of water & wastewater cost. The premier solution provider for Industrial Manufacturing, Commercial Real estate, Hotels, Hospitals. Construction Companies and much more


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How This Works

Etch2o is a subsidiary of (Environmental Equipment Company Ltd)  situated in Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Etch2o deals in all Water and Wastewater solutions including water and wastewater treatment types of equipment.

Etch2O is backed up by decades of research and manufacturing.

ETCH2O offers the finest solution for treating water & wastewater while using the best biotechnology available in the market.

Sales Department

ETCH2O sales department is run by team of highly tech savvy and qualified engineers specialized in waste water treatment plants whose mission is to introduce the clients with best solutions.

Design Dept

Utilizing the latest standards of engineering programs the system designs and different uses are well studied and the necessary shop drawings are prepared and correlated

Projects/Operations Dept

Run by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians whose mission is pursuing and overseeing all the processes of installation, commissioning while using latest measuring instruments and technical expertise.

Maintenance Dept

It is concerned with periodical inspections, guided by a technical well-studied program, to ensure a trouble free performance for Waster Water Treatment Plants.

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