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The Etch2o’s MBBR system is an innovative biological treatment process using thousands of special carriers designed to create an enormous total surface area for biofilm growth – enhancing your wastewater treatment process without expanding your footprint.In the MBBR configuration offers a treatment process based on a bio-film which provides organic carbon removal, as well as nitrification and de-nitrification where needed, without circulation of activated sludge. The process is simple, robust, and requires minimal operator intervention. Wastewater is introduced into a single or multiple-stage system (depending on whether Nitrogen removal is required), each of which contains the suitable volume of biomass carriers.

The MBBR configuration is extremely well suited for a wide range of applications: from pre-treatment of industrial wastewater, to full treatment of municipal wastewater to the most stringent effluent requirements.

ETCH2O High Speed Bio Tech Model CON3 series are shipped inside containers.
ETCH2O MAXI – 3 series, ETCH2O buy standard ISO MAXI containers, the W WTP itself are then constructed within the container itself that function as a system shelter.

mbbr system


  • Quick startup – Robust operation.
  • Robust and consistent operation
  • Minimum services and maintenance require.
  • ETCH2O Bio is self-cleaning, no filters, no backwash, and no membranes to replace.
  • In certain application, you can skip buffer and pre-settling tanks
  • No Backwashing – clog free – AMB Bio Media with 20 years warranty.
  • Fully automatic require minimum service maintenance
  • Meet stringent effluent standards consistently.
  • Automatic Sludge handling and separation by ETCH2O Sludge cyclone.
  • Easy to move and expand. ETCH2O offers any size of WWTP or Capacity.
  • ETCH2O Bio is complete, containerized, tested and ready to operate