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ETCH2O is changing the industry with its Gas Energy Mixing (“GEM”) System, a unique and sustainable treatment technology for the removal of TOTAL SUSPENDED SOLIDS (TSS), CHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND/BIOLOGICAL OXYGEN DEMAND (COD/BOD),and FATS, OIL, and GREASE (FOG). The GEM System is fundamentally better than traditional flotation technologies in three ways:

  1. The Liquid Solid Gas Mixing (“LSGM”) Heads provide homogeneous mixing of liquid contaminants and chemistry resulting in reduced consumption and more efficient use of chemicals.
  2. The LSGM’s offer the flexibility to change the mixing energy to the specific wastewater characteristics and changing wastewater conditions.
  3. The GEM System saturates 100% of the wastewater stream with dissolved air and has the ability to control when the dissolved air is released from the water. This results in more enhanced and more efficient flotation of the contaminants.

gem system
Install a GEM System model 75/150.
System throughput will be calibrated to handle anminimum average flow of 159,000 gallons per day (equal to approx. 600 cubic meters per day) at 110 gallons per minute (gpm).
GEM System 75/150 has the flow capacity for a maximum daily flow of 210,000 gallons with minimal adjustments, and no additional capital expenditures to the GEM System.
Stream characteristics: Wastewater stream from PepsiCo facility in Saudi Arabia in need for a flotation system, for reduction of TSS and FOG.


The GEM System’s capabilities will allow Client to follow the chemical regime and make the overall operation easy and successful, as well as presenting the Client with:

  • gem systemGreater Contaminant Removal Rates
  • Greater Chemical Efficiency
  • Expandable –( loadings and flows)
  • Drier Sludge
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Easy to Install
  • Easily Relocated with a Forklift
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • No maintenance issues