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Etch2o’s workforce comprises of skilled and professional engineers and managers who have strong background and expertise in the field of water and wastewater treatment industry.Coordination and support among each function make it possible to deliver best quality and services as per customer requriements.


Sales Department:
Etch2o’s sales department is run by team of highly tech savvy and qualified engineers specialized in waste water treatment plants whose mission is to introduce the clients with best solutions as per their requirements and to provide the best after sales service to gain the maximum customer satisfaction.

Projects/Operations Dept:
Run by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians specialized in waste water treatment plants whose mission is pursuing and overseeing all the processes of installation, commissioning while using latest measuring instruments and technical expertise.

Design Dept:
Whereby the first and essential step of sound and intact job is taken. Utilizing the latest standards of engineering programs the system designs and different uses are well studied and the necessary shop drawings are prepared and correlated.

Maintenance Dept:
It is concerned with periodical inspections, guided by a technical well-studied program, to ensure a trouble free performance for Waster Water Treatment Plants. It also concerned with sludge overhauling and any other preventive activities.